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Child counseling like any other counseling helps kids in one way than many. Many a times parents feel their children need some help from a person who can help him or guide him like a friend and show them the right path or solution to their personal problems and worries that may be as well be psychological or personal. Children even at a very tender age may face problems and challenges from more than one dimension like pressure from studies where parents pressurize them for better grades and scores in exams, or from friends in school or their area. The counseling may also be required in case of mis behaving children. Child Counseling enables children become more confident and extrovert. It develops problem solving skills in them and helps them take decisions which may be pertaining to their future.
Children may need the counseling of a child counselor in a variety of cases such as for children living with their foster parents or away from home in boarding schools or hostels. Children become violent or take to bad habits like drugs and other uncivilized acts just to seek attention and get noticed when they feel ignored by their own family members and also when they do not have a proper friend circle or company. Children who are verbally or physically abused at home also take up such deliberate steps or may simply run away from home. So before that the situation gets out of control or out of hand a proper psychologist of counselor should be consulted, because there is no medicinal remedy to this sort of a treatment. Mr. Raakesh Kriplani seeks a psychological approach in his treatments and works to the roots of the problems with therapies that have no side effects and are very simple to understand both for the patient and his family as well. With his years of experience in this field Mr. Raakesh Kriplani has dealt with almost types cases in Child Counseling and has an array of satisfied people who only have a word of praise for him, because it has helped them a lot and changed their lives for ever and for good. Children who have an acute problem of this type have to be sent to rehabilitation centers where in they have to stay away from home for a long period of time. The counseling aims to avoid the children from going on the wrong track of life and ending up in prisons or rehabilitation centers. Mr. Raakesh Kriplani knows exactly what his clients expect from him and he therefore works on those areas to and ensures fast and positive results from his side. Child counseling or psychology develops social skills in children and keeps their minds motivated towards learning something new everyday and develop themselves. It improves the over all performance in children, be it related to studies or their behavior towards family and other people they come across in future. One part of counseling also teaches the parents to change their attitude towards children a bit in order to make it a one-to –one give and take relationship and to keep things at the base and sane level which is full of understandings.
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