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Corporate training now a day is very essential for corporate houses and companies to successfully and effectively run their business in the corporate field. It can be simply defined as a process of giving advice and suggestions for problem or cause of worry from a well wisher or a professional who is an expert in this field. Mr. Kripkani provides corporate training to some of the biggest names in the corporate world. The training helps companies to create a good will in the market which helps them create strong and better relations with the clients, and the skills of all the employees as a whole adds up to the repute of any company. Corporate Counseling helps corporate units and houses in building a good or better image and business ties with other companies and their customers.
Mr. Kriplani`s counseling is not restricted only to building relations, but it also coves building a bond between the co-workers which increases productivity, and helps in long term gains and progress of the company. Mr. Kriplani provides Corporate Training and Counseling besides motivational lectures to professionals, students, and institutes to help them increase their grades and performance out put, with the help of his counseling. Besides counseling Mr. Kriplani is an effective motivator by which with the help of his psychological therapies he helps persons and companies find their hidden strengths to get the maximum out put with out putting in loads of efforts to get a work done or get desired results. Basically Mr. Kriplani gives his treatment a psychological approach which proves to be more effective and a trustworthy method of administering this therapy. Corporate counseling also includes employee counseling, because they are the back bone of any company and it is the effective working of this mechanism that holds the key to the success of any company, so it becomes vital to work out on this part of any working body. It is very simple to understand that a good out put from any corporate company or corporate house can be expected only if its employees are stress free while working and they take their work not as a challenge but as a responsibility. The counseling done by Mr. Kriplani is very transparent and he sees to it that there is a zero margin for error from his side in giving this service. This type of counseling is also useful to reduce the occupational stress among the employees which takes its toll at the time of performance which is hampered by the stress that may also be personal other than occupational. Corporate Counseling helps in facilitating communication between the employers and the employees, which is not done very often during the busy working hours in a company. The counseling helps identify areas of worries for a company by a straight one-to-one talk between the counselor and the customers. The specially designed programs for counseling work on areas which need to be stressed on the most to ease the situation or by working on or striking on the root cause of the situation or the problem, by first thoroughly analyzing it.
pointer Stress management pointer Health
pointer Yoga and fitness, exercise pointer Quality of life,
pointer Attitudinal development pointer Change management.
pointer Safety    
pointer Work life balancing    
Stress Management
Time Management
Leadership skills
Team Building / Team spirit
Change management
Confidence Building
A Session with a psychologist
Conflict management
Communication skills
Interpersonal communications skills
Business Body Language
Workplace culture
Group dynamics
Rational thinking
pointer Productivity enhancement pointer Quality of life ,
pointer Attitudinal development pointer Marital relationships
pointer Anger control pointer Cultural beliefs
pointer Work culture- attitudinal change from Govt to corporate pointer Delegation & Systems
pointer Productivity improvement pointer Transactional analysis
pointer Psychometric analysis pointer Team building
pointer Process organizing pointer Interpersonal skills.
pointer Enhanced quality life.
pointer More fitness for quality productivity at workplace
pointer Fall in absenteeism due to less illness
pointer Willingness to change as per requirement
pointer Interpersonal relationship
pointer Anger anxiety and stress management
pointer Lifestyle management
pointer Dietary changes [application education and motivation]
pointer Reduction in attrition
pointer Adjustment skills
pointer Development of pleasure attitude at home and workplace
pointer Increased mobility,fitness,alertness, strength and endurance
pointer Safety
pointer Enhanced work life balance
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