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Couple counseling is generally for couples who feel that their relationship is going through a rough phase due to lack of communication or it may also be caused because of differences in ideas and understanding. Mr. Raakesh Kriplani is one of the best counselors in India who owns the first ISO 9001 2008 Certified Counseling centre. His idea of couple counseling is to first bring them to ease so that he can gain maximum information about them. Since it is to be done in the presence of both the partners it is very vital for the consular to first understand their root cause which could as well be a psychological problem. There are a numbers of counseling services available, but Mr. Kriplani gives it a more psychological approach to get the best desired results for his clients, who too are very well satisfied with his counseling.
Couples who are in a relationship also seek this counseling for a better understanding of their partners before marriage, this type of a counseling helps in understanding your partner better and for a longer and happier married life. On the contrary a couple seeking this counseling that are affected by or are bothered by and disturbed due to domestic violence the counseling is done privately as both the partners may not want to share their feelings in front of each other, due to personal reasons or to avoid them getting violent again because of anger or frustrations. The couples that Mr. Kriplani has counseled have a reason to cheer with because he has set their lives back on the right track, which otherwise would have spoiled their relationships. It is one of the very good qualities of Mr. Kriplani that he takes his clients into confidence very soon and can assure them that he can show them a way out of their problems without having to alter or compromise their relationships. Couples, who try to resolve their conflicts all by themselves, eventually end up either with screwing things up or with nothing at all. One can as well seek counseling from their family or friends but their approach to this might be very limited or not way it should be, so it is in your best interest to consult a professional Couple Counselor. Mr. Raakesh Kriplani also provides services like marriage counseling, he is one of the best motivational speakers in India. He has given motivational speeches in some of the top ranking companies, colleges and institutes. After observing the success rate of couples who have opted for counseling it automatically becomes a psychology of people to go in for professional couples counseling. Since not all couples are married, so the term couples therapy is preferred to describe the therapy administered to couples who are in relationship before or other than marriage. A couple therapy also serves as a great way to communicate with one another and share feelings for each other, other than discussing plans for future life wherein a couple can stay in a constant touch with each other despite of their busy schedules.

Parents and families always confront with new and perplexing choices created by modern technology fuelled by the mass media, marketing, urban life, multiculturalism and divergent fashions in dress, music, and lifestyle. An increased modern life breeds in holding different perspective in the mind of parents and children on every single aspect which leads to confrontations between them whereby make parents feel ill-prepared for the task of parenting in today's world. This program gives answers to your umpteenth question related to parenting.Program for parents of children 2 to 16 years.Helps parents to be more effective in managing behaviour and bringing up happy and secure children.

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