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Our Counselling centre provides Counselling to married couples who need to patch up or heal their relationships which may be on the verge of a brake up. Raakesh Kriplani gives psychological guidance and advice to people or couples who need this Counselling. This sort of a help of Counselling may also be required for people who have had a lack of communication between them and thus created a rift in their relationships. People may approach a councilor for a variety of problems arising due to lack of communication, or misconception.
Marriage counseling can also be sought to make up a broken relationship or to help save a relationship from going bad to worse. Counseling helps a couple stay happier for a longer time and resolve their conflicts peacefully without it taking a much murkier turn, and spoil the whole relationship. This counseling is useful not only to married couples but for people in a relationship before marriage as well.
One should consult a counselor when they first feel or see the first signs of widenining gap in their relationship, which could be seen or felt in their communication or body language. Just as one sees a doctor during ill health, the same way one should consult a counselor at the first instance of a need for friendly help. A consular helps improve a couples share their ideas of a happy married life with each other. There is also a pre- marriage counseling service which helps couples to decide if the partner they have chosen to spend their rest of the life is the one who can actually accompany them in the long run. Mr. Raakesh Kriplani with his years of experience in this field of marriage counseling is very well aware of the problems people face in a married life and has a solution to their queries which will benefit or will be in the best interest of both of them. A married couple may also take up marriage counseling to resolve their conflicts and stress. Since the counseling is done in the presence of both husband and wife it leaves a zero chance of error in the final out come of counseling. Mr. Kriplani whole heartedly takes the responsibility of healing a relationship with a positive out come. Mr. Raakesh Kriplani has a number books published to his name which have been guiding people in need and he also holds programs which are based on other therapies to heal and help people for the better. His training programs are for high ranking professionals of companies and for teachers and people engaged in the profession of teaching like schools and institutions, etc. Besides Mr. Kriplani gives therapies to teenagers, college students, parenting programs, and has his programs being organized through out the year to benefit one and all in the society. Mr. Raakesh Kriplani puts a patient or client at ease in his very first visit so that they do not feel hesitant to share their feelings or problems.
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