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Parenting Counseling helps parents become better parents. Parents who face problems raising their children and other problems related to family seek parenting counseling. Generally this type of counseling is administered by a professional psychologist, who can first take a quick glance into the depth of the problem or the root of the problems, wherein they can find a solution to their worries which can suit their family and not go in favor of any one person. Mr. Kriplani who is the only ISO 9001-2008 certified Therapist in India adopts a very realistic and sane approach to the worries and problems of his clients.
Parenting Counseling may also be required for problems or rift arising due to kids at home. Parenting is one of the biggest responsibilities one has in their lives, and it is very often that a couple or a person faces a problem regarding this task or more commonly called a Duty. Some Psychologists provide a telephonic therapy in this matter, but Mr. Kriplani gives it a personal approach as it best suits both him as well as his clients. The therapy aims at improving the relations of the members of the family and building a better understanding about each other which is very important for a family to stay happily together in a long run or for a long time. Through every day tasks and your daily routine Mr. Kriplani imbibes the quality of a good and responsible parent in his clients and also teaches them to improve the behavior of the children so as not be unruly and spoilt in their future. The counseling teaches parents to avoid the daily conflicts that arise among brothers or kids in families and which further takes violent turns and helps kids to learn the quality of sharing which improves the bonding in children. Parenting counseling is also done for divorced couples, who may want to give their lives a fresh start all over again. Mr. Kriplani holds workshops to impart training on this topic and where parents can share their feelings with other parents and couples and give feed back to Mr., Kriplani regarding the counseling administered by him. The years of experience has made Mr. Kriplani an expert in his profession and he is therefore approached by many reputed companies schools, colleges and institutes to give motivational lectures and conduct seminars to motivate people increase their productivity and lead a better and happier life. Parenting Counseling is useful and helpful to a person right from starting a family to the reaching stage of child birth. It is thus very evident that it is always the right time to seek or consult a parenting counselor for matters regarding your family feuds and misunderstandings. Parenting counseling benefits not only parents but their children at home as well, since the counseling covers the entire family. Not only does it help families but it also gives a dual benefit since the counseling helps avoid any problems that may arise in the future. The therapy helps one to control their emotions and anger which are the major cause of differences in a family or a home.
Parents and families always confront with new and perplexing choices created by modern technology fuelled by the mass media, marketing, urban life, multiculturalism and divergent fashions in dress, music, and lifestyle. An increased modern life breeds in holding different perspective in the mind of parents and children on every single aspect which leads to confrontations between them whereby make parents feel ill-prepared for the task of parenting in today's world. This program gives answers to your umpteenth question related to parenting.Program for parents of children 2 to 16 years.Helps parents to be more effective in managing behaviour and bringing up happy and secure children.
Children with behavioural issues like:
pointer Opp. defiant behaviour
pointer Depression,
pointer Motivational problems
pointer ADHD,
pointer Conduct problems,
pointer Learning difficulties
pointer Relationship problems
pointer Addictions like mobile TV, computer chats.
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