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pointer Attitude development pointer Communication skills
pointer Presentation skills pointer Anxiety management
pointer Confidence building pointer Stress management
pointer Change management pointer Grooming
pointer Time management pointer Interpersonal communication skills
pointer Team building pointer Interview techniques
pointer Body language pointer Public speaking
pointer Creativity pointer Relationship management
pointer Voice modulation and pronunciation pointer Wardrobe management
pointer Social etiquettes pointer Emotional issues
pointer To enhance the employability of COLLEGE students.
pointer To enhance the standard of fresh engineering graduates so that they become acceptable to the industry.
pointer To cater to the needs of the industry.
pointer To create a platform where the students can work towards accessing the skills required to get into industry.
pointer To bridge the gap between industry and educational institutions.
pointer To provide both technical and soft skill to people to facilitate their employability.
pointer To meet the needs of unemployed and non-employable engineering graduates and to improve their communication as well as I.T. skills.
pointer To reinforce the students skills and acquire industry–specific knowledge from trained faculty and experts from industries.
pointer To offer suitable candidates to different industries
pointer To help young graduates to find jobs through appropriate training.
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