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pointer Stress management pointer Health
pointer Yoga and fitness, exercise pointer Quality of life,
pointer Attitudinal development pointer Change management.
pointer Safety    
pointer Work life balancing    
pointer Stress Management
pointer Time Management
pointer Leadership skills
pointer Team Building / Team spirit
pointer Change management
pointer Confidence Building
pointer A Session with a psychologist
pointer Pro-activeness
pointer Conflict management
pointer Communication skills
pointer Interpersonal communications skills
pointer Business Body Language
pointer Workplace culture
pointer Assertiveness
pointer Group dynamics
pointer Rational thinking
pointer Productivity enhancement pointer Quality of life ,
pointer Attitudinal development pointer Marital relationships
pointer Anger control pointer Cultural beliefs
pointer Work culture- attitudinal change from Govt to corporate pointer Delegation & Systems
pointer Productivity improvement pointer Transactional analysis
pointer Psychometric analysis pointer Team building
pointer Process organizing pointer Interpersonal skills.
pointer Enhanced quality life.
pointer More fitness for quality productivity at workplace
pointer Fall in absenteeism due to less illness
pointer Willingness to change as per requirement
pointer Interpersonal relationship
pointer Anger anxiety and stress management
pointer Lifestyle management
pointer Dietary changes [application education and motivation]
pointer Reduction in attrition
pointer Adjustment skills
pointer Development of pleasure attitude at home and workplace
pointer Increased mobility,fitness,alertness, strength and endurance
pointer Safety
pointer Enhanced work life balance
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