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School students may not be at an age where we think they may face psychological pressures and problems, but in today’s age of competition school children are burdened with a lot of expectations which hinder their over all performance and thus leading to psychological pressures from their parents, teachers and even themselves. Mr. Raakesh Kriplani who is the only ISO 9001-2008 certified Psychological counselor in India has very vast years of experience in this field so he treats students on their level and talks to them as if he were a friend.
In a country like India, going to a psychologist is still considered to be a taboo, Mr. Kriplani therefore treats his clients in a very friendly manner to get the maximum information regarding the treatment about them. This helps in bonding with the clients and establishing a one-to-one communication with people. Since not much can be known about each other in the very first meeting and the out come of this therapy reflects on the patients. He (Mr. Kriplani) administers counseling, therapy and this helps the patient gain self- esteem, self- confidence and they can confidently take their own decisions. Mr. Kriplani provides a brief summary and assessment regarding his case study to the parents of the patient and gives assurance of his betterment in the wake of time and since the treatment does not involve any medication it has no side effects, besides using a simple technique of counseling and therapy which also covers imparting training the parents on behavior towards their spouse. Mr. Raakesh Kriplani gives his patients an equal opportunity to talk and ask questions during the treatment and the therapy, while simultaneously answering their queries. The things told by the patient or their patient which they feel or want to be kept confident are kept to themselves and not even shared later during treatment and the therapy. The counseling may also be required in case of mis- behaving children any unruly kids who just to seek attention do certain things that may not be considered very polite and sane. Boarding schools and hostels at times have to contact child counselors for children who are staying away from their homes such children have to be treated with utmost care and love to avoid them from taking any drastic steps out of anger or rage. Mr. Raakesh Kriplani adopts a very scientific and psychological approach to his treatment which works at the root cause of the problems with therapies that are very simple to implement and understand for the families and the patients as well. After the therapy is complete Mr. Raakesh Kriplani stays in touch with his patients by guiding them in every wake of life by simply making them practice some exercises which give them benefits for a long time to follow. School student counseling is different from counseling administered to patients in other cases like those affected due to divorced parents or those living with their foster parents or as the case may be the patients are handled with utmost care and love at the same time as a friend and a close companion.
pointer Anger management pointer Anxiety management
pointer Emotional awareness pointer Communication skills[Assertiveness]
pointer Coping skills pointer Adjustment skills
pointer Problem solving skill pointer Relationship skills
pointer Interpersonal skills pointer Understanding men women relationship in context of infatuation
pointer Controlling TV/ gaming/ chatting / addiction/mobile pointer Peer group influence
pointer Visualizing positive things pointer Positive thinking
pointer Career counselling pointer Managing identity crisis
pointer Stress management pointer Concentration/ memory
pointer Fitness/diet pointer How to be good human / student/ citizen etc.
pointer Social responsibility pointer Table manners/dining skills.
pointer Creativity pointer Optional
pointer Attitude pointer Time management
pointer Motivation pointer Information process
pointer Selecting the main idea pointer Self-evaluation
pointer Self esteem    
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